Throttle House is an independently run record label, created by rap artist The Dirtball, aka David Alexander.  The main mission is to provide a platform for a select few artists to be able to have transparent assistance in launching their craft to the next level, and preserving the duration of quality rap music.  The Dirtball's new record, SKULL HOLLOW (releasing Feb 15th 2018), is the flagship project for Throttle House.  Having had a robust rap career since 2005, DB has been involved in every facet of the music business, and has experienced and seen the pitfalls within it.  Especially when it comes to releasing music.  Determined to change his future runway, he created the label Throttle House with the intention of allowing himself, and others, a clean and free avenue to release music and just, be an artist!  The evolution of technology, and his will to get away from bad businessmen of his past, leads you here.  To the Throttle House.  The label has an amazing production team consisting of the legendary Mike Kumagai, Orange County's DJ Eddie Ruxspin, and Minnesota based TMICbeats.  Only quality art comes out of the Throttle House.  Keep your finger on the pulse here!  Stay posted and spread the word!!

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